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    Does anyone had recent experience with applying online for a first adult passport from the UK through naturalisation route? I am interested in the application processing time and whether you always called for an interview even after identify confirmation from a peer.


    I applied June 19th ad I am still waiting! I have had to call because I travel in two weeks now.

    I was told last week on Thursday that you have to be on the system for at least 8 weeks, from date of application… Today I am told it’s from date of documents received. Because they didn’t put my documents on their tracking system until July 3rd, the woman was telling me my 8 weeks isn’t until Friday.

    However, I explained that my documents were in fact received on June 23rd, as I had sent them recorded.
    Thank God I was able to locate the email because I had paid online!! I can now prove they were signed for and received on 23rd June! which makes my 8 weeks officially 18th August.

    I apparently just have to await a call back now, when this will be? Who knows… Am I any wiser with the process of my passport? No! I travel in exactly 14 days and to say I am crapping it is also an understatement at this point.

    Wondering if there is any one on here who had to fast track, and if the could let me know the process?


    Can anyone guide me to track my passport? My application has been processing since July 7th. Is there a tracking phone number for outside uk?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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