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    I’m in the same boat as a lot of you, I’m 20 and have never flown. This is my first passport, applied via post office with check and send March 30th…. got a text April 6th saying they’ve received my application.

    I have received no communication even though I was sure I needed an interview.

    I am honestly sick to my stomach with anxiety over this. I am due to fly on June 1st but I have no clue about ANYTHING I have received no word whatsoever. I have lived in the UK my full life at the same address and have a valid provisional drivers license, my brother has a passport as well.

    I don’t know what to do, I keep emailing them but I only got one answer asking for my Application ID (I didn’t have it as I couldnt my check and send receipt initially). but after that radio silence on both enquiries and my enquiry to access a tracker.

    Can anyone help me or calm my nerves lol I’m really really making myself ill over this. I have no time to phone due to my job – as i cannot sit and hang on the phone for hours.

    I’m so scared.


    *couldnt find my


    So do you have a reference number now to track it? What’s the status of the application? No contact other than status updates is normal.
    To be honest it’s not worth getting in to a state about this – I get the impression things are moving a bit quicker at the offices now than previously so hopefully you’ve allowed plenty of time and it will all be fine.
    The fact you have photo driving licence already may work in your favour as it will help them verify your identity.
    As it’s your first application you’ll need an interview, mine was done online but I am not sure how they are doing them at present. The interview is nothing to worry about, just simple questions. But when you get the notification to book the interview make sure you don’t waste a time getting it booked – the interview literally could be the last step before your application is approved – mine was approved 1 hour after the interview.
    Another thing to be wary of is actually contacting them – there are two routes through the application process digital and manual – digital is quickest, manual isn’t! Asking for a call back about your application may be enough to drag your application from digital to manual – so only contact them if it becomes urgent and good luck!


    I also filled in paper renewal forms for both my children and sent them through check and send and have received no updates whatsoever for one, and only a text message to say my application has been received for the other.
    I don’t know which application is which though or where the other is, they were both sent on the same day through the same post office.
    I have tried the tracker 3 times now to try to find out the status of both applications and although it says that they will email the updates I am still waiting to receive any type of update and it has been a week since I last requested it through the tracker.
    I’m assuming that as the applications are paper that they will be through the manual route anyway rather than the digital so I may call to ask for updates as I don’t really have anything to lose with regards to it being slowed down to the manual route.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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