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    Phoned today to find out where tf my passport is after weeks of radio silence. I was finally informed that it’s in Durham and I am still being investigated.

    I am literally a 20 year old woman who has lived in the same building her whole life and has every other ID other than a passport lmao.

    I am due to fly at 5:30am on June 1st – so how screwed am I?

    And is there anything I can do to get the ball rolling? I know I need an interview but I’ve literally not been contacted whatsoever.


    I’m in a very similar situation as you! Flying out a bit later but the rest is the same.

    I’m even having doubts about getting mine on time, to the point I’ve lined up my mate that’ll replace me!

    That being said, being on here won’t fill you with hope – you’ll likely only find people with horror story waiting times as they’ll be the ones asking questions – someone who got one on time won’t likely come on a forum to discuss it.

    Ultimately, it’s a case of praying. The helpline is absolute no use as I’m sure you’re aware. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Again, similar to me – you can’t even fast track it as it is your first one which is a farce in and of itself. I’d maybe suggest contacting your MP if you’ve waited longer than your minimum time (10 weeks providing they keep the same waiting times nation wide)

    Have you had your interview yet? I believe that’s a mandatory requirement for first UK Passport…

    All the best!


    Apparently the interview is not mandatory. The passport application says you “may” be asked for an interview and there are people on here who did not get called in for one.

    Agree that most people here are here because they’ve been waiting a long time. Read the experiences for a more mixed perspective.


    Might be false rumours then mate cause from my understanding it’s not an option if it’s your first Passport – it’s not necessary if it’s your first Adult passport.

    Again, might be wrong – just my understanding of it 🙂


    What date did yours go into processing?

    First passport in Durham here too (after first sending to Liverpool). Processing since 1st of April so 6 weeks and not been contacted for an interview yet.

    Been told I will 100% need an interview by 2 different hmpo workers. From what I understand if it’s your first ever passport then you’ll get interviewed, if you had a child or foreign passport then maybe not


    Mine went into processing April 6th!

    It’s my first ever ever passport, so defo will need interviewed.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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