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    Is anyone else just feel like their holiday isn’t going to happen . Six weeks till I go on holidays and still stuck in processing for a lost passport. Added my lost reference and still no movement . From looking online and here everyone with a lost passport is waiting more than the 10 weeks. Only success people have had are using the upgrade team two weeks before travel which is hit and miss someone people don’t hear back anything. Or turning up at a passport office 48 hours before travel. I work in a school and go on holiday the first day of the summer holidays so would be impossible to do this. I’m devastated for the kids . Three years without a holiday and all hyped up to go on a holiday of a lifetime to Disney. It’s my fault for losing my passport . Sorry for the rant .


    Bless you Lisa.I know how you feel.Im literally having sleepless nights over my mums passport.My son surprised us on mother’s day and bought us a all inclusive holiday to benidorm.We applied straightway for our passports as we both hadn’t travelled abroad for over 20 years.I could apply online and I was v lucky and had my new passport in within 3 weeks.whilst we had to do mum’s by check and send at po because it wouldn’t allow us to apply online.sent on 1/4 arrived at hmpo 4_4 been stuck on since 11/4 with examiner.So 6 weeks on still no progress.We travel 21/6.My mum is 80 and I’m so worried were going to have to fast track on 7/6 and I’m going to have get my poor mum to travel go’s knows where.The stress is unbelievable never mind the stress that my poor mum is going through.


    I’ve lost all hope. Applied for my daughter 1st passport on 16th April (2 days after she was born) sent of BC when she was registered on the 25th April. Had endless phone calls with royal mail and HMPO to finally find out that royal mail have lost the BC. My husband went to Newport on Tuesday hoping they would take her other BC and process it there and then as he had it in his hand but they wouldn’t. So we re posted it yesterday. It arrived and was signed for by Peterborough passport office. But they won’t fast track it through their mail room as it “just takes 10 dayS” I don’t have 10 days, I should by flying next Wednesday!!! Even had the MP try and help out too. My last chance is to go to Peterborough tomorrow to try and beg them to do it for me!!


    yep it’s awful, we almost been 10 weeks now and still processing, have 2 urgent call backs in, it’s our honeymoon in under 5 weeks (fly 2 days after wedding on a saturday 😳) jubilee week before also 😱


    @ Lleach Let us know how you get on. Good luck

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