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    Ok, we are flying out tomorrow. Child renewal sent on the 15th Feb. Extensive conversations with HMPO since last Thursday 31st March after tracking showed that Passport had finally been printed.

    Was told to wait until 5pm today to see if TNT had collected from the central printing office.

    Had a phone call from someone from HMPO earlier to say it had been dispatched on the 1st April! A phone call to TNT after that and say they haven’t got it and HMPO are lying…

    How hard can it be to get a passport to my house? I’d drive anywhere in the UK right now just to collect it so that my boy isn’t heartbroken from missing his holiday.

    I’m just venting, seems that the whole process is run by morons.


    Oh It’s such a shame, Ive seen a lot of proplems with TNT once it’s been printed. the system is so bad!! We sent 3 off on the 30/1 – mine came back – 3 weeks later – my oldests 4 weeks later.
    My youngest is only now getting printed, after many phone calls and being messed around. Yesterday was 10 weeks.
    It was ruining the build up to our holiday from all the stress.
    They don’t make anything simple.


    I had a similar experience today with HMPO saying TNT should have collected my son’s passport by now (printed 30/3) Then a conversation this morning with TNT telling me that HMPO weren’t telling the truth and they (TNT) didn’t have our passport. It is all so stressful!! Then this afternoon my son’s passport appeared on the TNT tracker with no notification. So who was lying?? My advice is to just keep checking the TNT tracker with your Passport Application reference number. I was literally checking every hour! So suprised when I saw it there as I wasn’t expecting it. Why is there such inconsistencies? Some people get TNT tracking very quickly, others it takes so long, too long! And the not knowing is just horrible. Hang in there. Hope you hear something soon.


    After a tricky and stressful passport renewal experience I have started a government petition. Please do sign it to help everyone on this forum:


    Reform UK passport application tracking and options to fast-track applications
    We want the Government to:
    1. Improve passport tracking information so accurate, detailed and real-time information is available online for all passport applications.
    2. Allow the option to fast-track any passport application (for a fee) for any reason.

    More details
    My recent experience of passport renewals has highlighted the need for the passport application system, and the tracking information provided to customers throughout the application process, to be overhauled.

    There is a lack of communication in the system, which can cause a lot of stress. In addition, there is a lack of flexibility in the system for existing applications.


    I have signed your petition already!! Our experience was very stressful too. Unnecessarily so. It is the inconsistencies that I find so baffling.


    Just to follow on from my last post…

    I managed to speak to another agent from HMPO yesterday who told me that the passport had been printed and was waiting collection in Peterborough. I live 16 miles away from Peterborough. I was not allowed to collect it because 1, I hadn’t paid for a collection and 2, it wasn’t an emergency. Unbelievable. No matter how much pleading I did, I was told I had to wait for TNT to collect and deliver.

    My wife has travelled today with my youngest son, whilst I wait at home with my son who’s passport I’m waiting for. Hopefully it arrives before Thursday so we can fly out then and still enjoy a little bit of holiday which is our 1st in 4 years. As you can imagine, he’s terribly disappointed.

    Just to add, both of my children were due renewals, both were sent at the same time, both were received at the passport office at the same time. One arrived 2 weeks after application.

    The system is terribly broken.

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