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    Just wanted to share top tips having just received our passport today (child renewal took just under three weeks). Go the digital route, make sure all the info you enter is correct and make sure the photo is ok, against a white background, no shadows. It took two weeks for them to acknowledge receipt of old passport, but things moved quickly from there. It went from old passport received to passport approved two days later. If it goes to ‘processing’ it has fallen from the digital onto the manual route and after a few days I would ring them as there will likely be an issue that needs sorting with it. First passports will take longer and are unfortunately more likely to have issues. To save stress- I was getting really anxious since we had a non-refundable holiday booked- think about plan Bs, like changing one of the passengers to another family member, which is only £50. If you don’t need a passport for a while leave it until the Autumn.


    I also received my passport today after application on 14th April. I went online to apply but this was manually processed as it was a damaged passport.
    Thus has been stressful as I travel next week. My tips are:
    Contact your MP. Things started to move after his insolvent.
    Web chat apply 8.01. When it says agent free immediately just fill in name don’t bother with rest of form. If it says waiting for agent, hang on don’t refresh page.
    Calling. Probably a waste of time unless youbare within 2 weeks of travel then ring. Don’t ask for update team
    Ask for expedite team.
    Mine was approved 18th, printed 20th sent to DHL on 23rd. Down load DHL parcel app for tracking. Mine was Peterborough. TNT & Royal Mail also used. Good luck everyone

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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