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    After a tricky and stressful passport renewal experience I have started a government petition. The petition has now been approved and is live. I now just need people to sign it. I have my children’s passports now, but it was really stressful and I had to involve my MPs office. I hope that the system can improve for the better. Wouldn’t it be great if our difficult experiences were used for good. Please do sign this petition to help everyone on this forum. In particular, I would like everyone to have the option to fast-track if necessary. I would also like the tracking information to be better (accurate, detailed and in real-time). Numerous times I was given false information via the helpline. Not the call handlers fault I don’t think. They just need a better automated tracking system in place. So, after all of our experiences let’s try to be a force for good. Please sign! Thank you 🙂

    Reform UK passport application tracking and options to fast-track applications
    We want the Government to:
    1. Improve passport tracking information so accurate, detailed and real-time information is available online for all passport applications.
    2. Allow the option to fast-track any passport application (for a fee) for any reason.

    More details
    My recent experience of passport renewals has highlighted the need for the passport application system, and the tracking information provided to customers throughout the application process, to be overhauled.

    There is a lack of communication in the system, which can cause a lot of stress. In addition, there is a lack of flexibility in the system for existing applications.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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