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    Have just been given the opportunity to go on a last minute family holiday. Flying 23rd May.

    I need to renew my (adult) passport as it has typically just expired. I also need to apply for 2 x childrens first passports for my son and daughter. I have my birth certificate but need to use it for 2 new applications and one renewal. My partner doesnt have his birth certificate and we dont have time to apply for new one. I rung passport office this morning who advised to send an envelope with my expired passport, my birth certificate and both my childrens birth certificates with a cover letter explaining the situation/reference numbers.

    I’m worried this won’t be accepted. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Feel very deflated.


    Do so with caution would be my advice & obtain another copy if you can. I sent my birth cert along with my passport for both my children’s applications with a covering letter asking them to use them for both applications, they disregarded the letter, processed one application, sent the docs back & didn’t link it to the second application which has now been processing for 6 weeks. Lost our holiday & still no sign of the passport being approved. Sorry I can’t be more postive


    If you haven’t started the applications and you can make an appointment at the passport office I’d use the online premium and/or fast track where appropriate.

    There are some large delays at the moment. I applied for a standard adult renewal on 3rd February and still don’t have my passport in hand.


    I would strongly recommend the fast track process. Considering I’m sat at home this weekend being sent videos from rest of family who are having fun in Spain – if I had my time again I would have paid extra for a bit of certainty. The passport office is a shambles. You might get lucky and get yours back in your time frames but I promise you the alternative is not worth the stress

    Just check but I’m sure children can do fast track but not one day premium

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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