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    Hi I’ve applied online for childs 1st passport, after 4 weeks and tracking shows only documents received after speaking to call agents I decided to book fasttrsck appointment for Monday next week in London…
    I was told to take along letter of withdrawal or post. Does anyone know the address I’d need to send thus to? After reading a few failed experiences with cancelling and going fast track I’m really panicking about it now. Not sure if I should send the withdrawal letter, take it along or both!?


    I would do both and take proof of postage of the withdrawal letter as well.


    Don’t worry, I did this last Thursday. They give. You a form to sign at the fast track to withdraw. New passport arrived an hour ago.


    We’ve had a nightmare with the whole thing. Applied to replace lost passport online 6th March and been stuck in processing since 14th March.
    We were told to make an appointment and take a letter requesting the withdrawal of the online application. We followed all advice down to the letter….literally!
    Paper application
    2 photos (1 signed 1 not)
    Withdrawal Letter
    My partner got to his appointment and they rejected him as apparently he needed to of written to the office dealing with his application and had it cancelled before attending his appointment.
    Now were back to square one and £200 worse of.


    This is what worries me, such a big variation in experiences from people. I don’t understand why. Seems they don’t know what they’re doing themselves!


    it took 16 days for our documents to be acknowledged and then 8 days for the application to be approved.
    once approved you cannot use fast track as the passport technically exists even if it isnt printed.
    when i booked fast track the application was pending, following day from booking the appointment the application was approved. mildy annoying as it is not refundable but at least it was progressing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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