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    I know this is a long shot, but I am so stressed and sad right now it’s worth a try.

    We are due to fly on Sunday.

    I sent my passport off along with my two children’s for renewal on 20/9 received 22/9. I got my passport back within just under 3 weeks, but my children’s were sent to Liverpool and have not come back.

    We have called everyday for the past week amount to nearly 20 hours of holding.

    On Tuesday we were told the passports had been sent to print, relief and joy.

    Called Wednesday to see if they had been sent only to be told the lady had made a mistake and they had not even been looked at yet!! Heartbreak.

    I know I should have fasttracked but the post office check and send said they were coming back quickly so I didn’t even think about it.

    They have had my kids passports for 30 days and done nothing.

    I have logged a complaint yesterday about being told they were being printed (call recorded) the chap in complaints said that he would call Liverpool and try and move it on.

    Hopes up again

    But now today, not heard anything. Called Customer services twice, no movement. Tried calling complaints but keep getting cut off due to volume if calls.

    I feel like I’m going out of my mind. Have offered to pay whatever to upgrade/go to collect but it’s always no.

    Has anybody anything helpful to suggest or any hope to give?

    I feel so down about it all.

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