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    Hi there – I have been told my passport renewal is now at the awaiting printing stage – how long should it take from there to me receiving? Thank you.

    Chris F

    In my case, passport was approved last Friday (1st July), it was printed Monday and physically in my hand via TNT on Tuesday 5th July.


    Thanks Chris – much appreciated.


    Hi, can anyone help me passport timeline as below:

    First Passport

    May 7th sent via check and send service
    May 14th
    June 31st awaiting examination
    July 05 awaiting printing
    July 05th awaiting checking
    No update since

    Rung the progress team everyday since June 31st as due to fly on July 15th
    Some people were helpful which is why I think my application suddenly started to move forward.
    However, no one can give me an indication as what is happening now

    Was told awaiting to be checked meant it was printed and needed checking before dispatch.
    Will i receive tracking?
    How long is the usual dispatch time from printing?
    Have been told i cant upgrade due to first passport!
    What are my options? Do you think it is likely to arrive on time judging from this timeline was told 4 days from printing to send and then 2 to 4 to arrive? Anyone had a similar experience.

    Sorry for all the questions dont really know what to do and im stressed. Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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