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    It would be very useful for the website to show the number of applications that are being used for each category to determine the average length of time the application has taken. It is hard to know how reliable the averages are.

    I’ve sent in a child renewal online (24 Sept), docs received (30th)… nothing else.

    I travel on the 25th October. According to this website, there is a good chance that I will get back the passport with an average for child renewal being just over 24 days. In fact, going back it always seems to be around 23-24 days.

    However, I’ve got to cancel my holiday by Saturday 9th Oct if I want to secure monies back from the hotel booking or I just risk losing everything hoping the passport will arrive by the 25th.

    If I knew that the 24 day average was based on 100s of applications I would have more confidence, but for all I know it could be based on 5. Anyone have a view on whether I should chance the holiday or not risk it and cancel now?


    We’re in the same boat…
    child’s renewal online
    Application received 16th Sept
    Identity confirmation received 16th Sept
    Documents received 23rd Sept (Bootle)
    Our passport is then going to the Liverpool office to be examined. I was told within 20 days of Opening Document (23rd Sept)
    Due to travel early on the 24th Oct 🤞🏻
    We are now just playing the waiting game which is incredibly stressful. Wish we’d fast tracked (I do it for Thorpe flipping Park but not for this…) but to be fair I was given the wrong info by the passport office who said I could get the old passport back if I hadn’t heard anything by 11th Oct but the another chap at the passport office said it could take a further two weeks to do that, then get an in person appointment and then a further weeks wait which is too long and still as risky as leaving it in the system.
    Good luck! Do let us know of your progress.


    It’s truly awful and ridiculous that you can’t upgrade to a fast-track if it’s already in the system. Gutting to know that if we hadn’t made the application yet, we could still fast track and be totally fine. Plenty of time. I was told it could take 10 days to get my old passport back if I cancelled my application to try and do a fast track. This basically puts me in the same bad situation.

    I think I’m going to have to cancel my holiday. Will probably lose the cost of the flights, but save the hotel which is expensive (a treat as we’ve not been away for a long time due to Covid and other issues). My girls are going to be gutted but I don’t think we can risk it.

    At least you guys have been in the system a good bit longer…

    I wish there was more info about the stats and probabilities on this site… bit useless without the sample size. Would also be good to know the distribution… how many peeps have gone way over 24 days etc.

    Best of luck to you and everyone else in this horrid situation.


    Also, just to confirm, when this website gives the average time… is that from when docs are received or when the application has been made?


    From when the application is made. I’m not sure if it includes weekends/Sundays (examiners do not work Sundays) I adding those on as it all helps me psychologically 😂 x


    Difficult to tell whether its from when the submissions was made or from when they say they’ve received your passport.
    We’ve renewed 2 recently and been using this forum as a guide – I can tell you that the the time for the first was 22 days from them acknowledging receipt of the old passport – and the site indicated this exact amount of days. The second renewal is due to be delivered tomorrow. (TNT tracking says they have it and a schedule is in place). The site states just under 24 days, The PO received the passport on 21st Sept so will be 22 days tomorrow. The application was made on 14th so that’s 27 days.
    I would assume then its more like from receipt of old passport
    And – I think it counts 7 days per week, not working days

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    Many thanks for this feedback. I ultimately have decided to postpone my holiday until mid November… I couldn’t risk losing all my holiday money… the school will just have to deal with me taking my kids out… I sent them a letter explaining the situation and the headteacher said she would not request a fine…


    Well it looks like i would have been able to make my holiday on the 25 October – shame I felt I had to cancel it…

    Application submitted 24th Sept
    Docs Received 30 Sept
    Approved 20th October

    waiting for printing now…

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