I applied for daughter’s passport without knowing she has to apply for herself.

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    Hi everyone, I just found this forum and thank you for letting me in.
    -date the application was sent off online: 12th May 2022

    – supporting documents delivered to HMPO on 13th May (royalmail tracking) and acknowledgement of reception by HMPO was issued on 27th of May

    I applied for the renewals of my own passport and my 3 kids’.
    I even didn’t know that my 17yo HAD to apply for herself. In the government website it only say “who can apply”, not you must apply yourself if you are over 16 yo. Then it also says you can apply if you never had a Brigish passport before. She had one which was expired at the time so I thought the first adult passport did not apply to her.

    After receiving my new passport and the other kids’, but no news about my eldest daughter’s passport, I started to worry.

    After a few calls to HMPO, I got a call back from the processing Team. The staff I talked to assured me, to correct the situation is simple. He would make a special paper form for my daughter ( so they could use the existing reference  number on that form as HMPO already has all her supporting documents) and send it to me by post.  My daughter would need to fill it in herself, sign it  then send it back to the passport office. He said we should receive it within 3-5 working day. It has been 2 weeks and we haven’t received anything and we are panicking here. I could not get hold of anyone to help.

    The time I got a call back, it seems from the general customer service we could get through by calling 03002220000, then after telling my case for the 100th time, they connected me to the processing Team and made me wait 30mins. However I am not sure now it was genuinely a call back from HMPO anymore, I heard about so many scam/fraud calls…

    Anyone knows the number of the processing team?

    We booked a trip in early August to see my 90 years old father abroad after 3 years of Covid. This might be our last chance to get together as a  family. My daughter also needs her passport for a school educational trip in New York this October which I had to pay for in instalments in 3 years! 

    I know she still has time and I don’t mind waiting for 10 weeks or a bit longer as everybody else if I knew it is going to be OK in the end. But I am panicking right now.

    Any help to point me to the right direction would be so much appreciated.

    Thank you all


    I can’t really answer your question but I did the same for my son (the guidance is rubbish and I was in auto pilot). I called the passport office number, they just advised me to send an accompanying letter explaining why signed by my son. I haven’t heard anything back. The application was sent on the 12th May and the letter was acknowledged on the 1st of June (arrived the 20th of May).
    It’s all super inconsistent and the lack of any advice on what’s going on is so frustrating.


    hope it worked out for you.
    Did your son sign in the explaining letter?

    Let us know how it goes. It is so devastating

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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