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    So I think I must be one of the ‘lucky’ ones.. I’m at the final hurdle (or should I say mile).

    According to the TNT tracking, my passport is out for delivery today. Got the confirmation that it was printed at 07:46 yesterday and later in the afternoon on the same day I was able to see the delivery info and TNT tracking number. Original delivery date was scheduled for 08/04 but I was able to change it to today 07/04 and the tracking does say it is out for delivery so I’m eagerly waiting whilst working from home. So overall for me, not a long wait at all between the printing stage and delivery stage. Although I have not had any communication from TNT directly. I inputted my post code and PEX number in their tracking page.

    Something also worth noting, is that I received an email and text from the Passport Office this morning telling me I need to sign my passport when it arrives, so this is surely just another thing you can expect when you’re this close.

    If it arrives today as scheduled, that will mean the entire process from application to delivery was 17 days in total. Hence why I think I may be one of the ‘lucky’ ones. I did have the typical wait between seeing my passport delivered on Royal Mail tracking and then on the Passport tracking but haven’t needed to phone once. I do however think this process needs a shake up and hopefully by the time I renew again, will have had one! It should not feel like a lottery.

    Thankfully I can now go ahead with booking our holiday we planned for end of May. After seeing the ’10 week’ expected timeframe, lets just say I wasn’t in my partners good books.

    Good luck all, because unfortunately that’s what seems to get these things processed.

    Passport printed 7:46am on 6 April 2022
    Application approved 2:39pm on 31 March 2022
    Documents received 3:06pm on 29 March 2022
    Application received 7:45pm on 21 March 2022
    Application submitted 7:45pm on 21 March 2022

    *although its supposedly out for delivery, the latest Passport tracking is printed. You would expect a ‘dispatched’ or ‘with delivery partner’ or something.


    It’s not luck – it’s staying in the digital processing route, all the necessary checks were done and completed digitally – as soon as something flags up on the application it drops out of the digital route into the manual route – then once humans are involved the delays start.


    I wonder why yours was never “processing” like mine has been for 2 and a half weeks 🙃


    Hi there mine never went to application processing stage my application was made on the 6th of March it went to Documents received on the 17th March then nothing despite chasing phone calls and being told it was with the examiner and all applications go through one of them. I was finally approved on 5th of April. I’m now awaiting the dreaded printing dispatch and delivery process just keeping my fingers crossed that is a lot smoother !!!


    Just to confirm, received passport this afternoon. Posted straight through letterbox even though I was in.

    For reference, this was a renewal.


    It is good to hear some good news. Did you apply it online? When you sent your document (ie old passport) did you send it by Next day guaranteed special delivery? As you noted the timeline, it took 7 days from “Application received” to “Documents received”. Or did you wait a few days before sending out the document?



    They are quite transparent that although they sign for the documents the day they receive them (if they’re tracked) they don’t update the website necessarily straight away.

    I followed a similar process to Mike, starting the process last Thursday, and was approved today.

    That was for an adult renewal (had a failed photo attempt, too).

    Mine was a digital journey and sent my old passport next day delivery guaranteed by 1pm (to Belfast).

    Good luck!


    I wonder why yours was never “processing” like mine has been for 2 and a half weeks 🙃

    Mine never had a processing update it went straight from docs received to approved – the processing update is if you fall out of the digital route because of some issue or query on the application or all the digital processes couldn’t be completed OK.


    djbdane – that is not true. My child renewal is all digital, no changes, simple renewal. But has been stuck in ‘processing# for weeks, after application on 9-Mar.
    Holiday cancelled.
    It’s a shambles of a service.

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