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    Wanted to share a data point as this website has been useful.

    I hold two UK passports and had to renew both of them simultaneously for reasons. I applied online for both of them, moments from each other, and sent the documents to Corby by registered post. That’s where the experience diverged, as it turned out that:

    – Each application was handled by a different office

    – Despite being in the same envelope, one current passport was acknowledged a day later, the other seven days later!

    – Each office needed the same additional information (which I couldn’t provide in the initial application)

    – For one office, an examiner gave me a call and we had a nice chat, after which he emailed me the request for information

    – For the other, I received a letter by post asking for the same information a week later

    – And the passports were finally approved within 24 hours of each other (I think they had tried to link the files at the back end, although it would have been entirely possible / legitimate for one examiner to accept the change without a referee, and the other to require additional verification, for the same person with the same new photo)

    So – don’t assume that every application is treated in the same way.

    Glad they are on their way. It will have been four weeks or so.

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