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    I applied for a first adult passport recently and I got the email from the Passport Office saying they received my documents on April 14th. I’m hoping to travel to the EU to meet my boyfriend on May 20th or around that time. I’m scared that my passport won’t arrive in time for me to book my stay. Do you think my passport could arrive in time?


    10 weeks is advised right now. I’ve been waiting 7 for a straight forward renewal so far and it’s still processing. I’d love to give you some positive news but it’s unlikely in my personal experience.


    I think it would depend entirely on what route your passport goes through.

    If digital your passport will go straight to approved and you would probably get it in time.

    If manual it will go to processing and have to be looked at by an examiner before it can be approved, from what I’ve seen can take an extra 2-6 weeks.

    Not sure what exactly flags it to go manual but either way I’d probably wait until you get approved to book anything.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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