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    Here’s my sob story –

    Sent off passport application from abroad – 23/6/22
    Received 26/6/22
    I’m now over 11 week mark and about to miss the start of my Masters program in another country.

    Never heard anything, never got confirmation, after multiple phone calls (including 2 that told me my passport never arrived) I eventually got a tracking number. Not able to track online as I only had option to apply on paper form from abroad.

    Role forward over 11 weeks and 4 times my passport has apparently been expedited and upgraded and all these words.. and absolute silence. Got my MP involved and was told there’s be action – silence.

    Yesterday I was informed there was a note on my file saying not to expedite and that no-one had even looked at my passport (despite being told months ago it was with the examiner)

    Once more I got a different email address to email and attach proof of travel (Monday 15/8 – two days time now), proof of being illegal in country proof that i’m paying fines – and proof that I’m due to start a Masters programme in a another country

    So my question is – I know my passport is at Durham. Can I reschedule my flight and send a friend on my behalf to Durham within 48 hours to force them to print it and then she can post it to me? Anyone done this?

    Otherwise I’m going to miss my Masters degree which wastes an entire year of preparation, 1000s of pounds towards this, not least my cancelled flights and daily fines for the last 3 months and being illegal in country. The British embassy here won’t even talk to me – just direct me towards the passport office.

    any advice gratefully received.

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