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    As the title says in need of some hope. Worked on the frontline, moved house in lockdown & even got divorced but none of these are a stressful as a child’s passport renewal!!

    We are travelling on 7th April, 11 days time and I’m waiting for one daughters passport having received the other 2 weeks ago.

    Online tracker says processing and has done since 16 March. Everytime I call they say its marked as urgent, date of travel is added etc. I got through to the progress team today & they’ve asked for the allocated examiner to call me tomorrow, whether this happens we shall see?

    I just need someone there to be straight with me & advise if it’s likely to be processed, if not I need to cancel my long awaited holiday & disappoint my kids which is obviously upsetting me the most.

    I did leave it a bit late, hold my hands up to that but it was a 4 week turnaround when I applied in Feb. They requested documents for the second application when they’d already had them for the first application which has added at least 2 weeks to this process.

    Anyone else in the same boat & due to travel soon? Anything else I can do?


    I’m afraid there isn’t much of a glimmer for you.

    My child’s renewal went in on 27th Jan. They lost a document and eventually managed to approve on 18th March.

    Not printed till yesterday 26th and no sign of it being handed to TNT yet. The last call I had – and there have been many – warned that TNT are taking 5 working days to collect from them, and then whatever it takes to reach your door.

    We travel on Friday and I’ve already accepted that some are going and others will be staying behind.


    We were supposed to travel this Thursday 31st March, got to cancel the tickets, my son’s renewal is been processing since the 16th March, we cancel the application as his current passport was still valid, but this can take up to two weeks, our family holidays and my son’s birthday celebration in Disney Florida, we are beyond devastated, I haven’t slept in days :(. Good luck.

    We had phoned every day for the paste 7 days, spent two hours on hold every day and they said about putting notes in the case about the urgency etc, but nothing seems to happen.

    Our documents haven’t been examined 🙁


    Which one is the progress team, how did you get through to them? Thank you


    I called on the standard ‘advice line’ number but asked to be put through to the progress team, I called on Saturday and was lucky but if they can’t get through to them they log it for a call back….which unfortunately never transpires

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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