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    So we lost my son’s passport, made a lost/replacement application in late march.

    Application moved to processing on 4th April

    Lost Passport cancelled on 9th April

    Found his lost passport last week but as cancelled told to send in.

    Sent lost passport in on 12th may.
    Also spoke to progress team and told about upgrade service as travel is 25th May.

    Adviser on phone sent a message to Peterborough upgrade team and advise me of email to send with proof of travel etc. And that id get a call within 48hrs.

    48hrs came and went, called again and advised to send email again stressing that it is the second request.

    Did this another 48hours have passed (almost) and no call.

    Stressing out as travel is 25th.

    Getting some faith from some experiences on here where the call is way past 48hrs and really close to travel date but still turned around in time.

    Is there anything else I should or could be doing?

    Paranoid that the fact it’s a lost/replacement application is going to make the process fail.

    Does anyone know if the process is any different for lost/replacement applications? Or anything else I should flag in my email?

    Am I right in observing that those getting call backs and upgrades processed today seem to be for travel on 20th/21st may – so if that’s where they are working today then for travel on 25th I’m not going to get my call until 21st/22nd?

    Also worried that if my date is missed then they abandon my fast track application – I could rearrange or rebook for a few days later and follow on with my son so would rather the passport is late then not at all.

    So many possibilities and problems running through my head. Dumped most of them here.. any advice /guidance or words of encouragement appreciated.

    Really hoping I will get the call and can go collect passport even if it’s the day before.


    I can’t help with the fast track but I am hoping your experience with them will give me some hope.
    Waiting on my boyfriends passport which was submitted 29th march as a replacement and has been ‘being processed’ ever since.
    When you marked the passport as lost did you get a reference number? If so how long did it take to come through. Was this via email?
    We submitted his as lost but never got a reference and I am worried this is holding it up.


    We didn’t get a lost reference number but I believe there is a lost or cancellation number as the passport is now cancelled. I am going to call tomorrow and get this added to any notes and send another email to upgrade team with additional information


    We are waiting on a renewal for a lost passport.

    Submitted March 23rd
    Processing March 31st
    Emailing confirming old passport April 9th

    It was about 2 weeks after reporting the passport list we got an confirmation emai with a reference. You new passport won’t be issued until they have the cancellation ref.

    As on some threads there has been issues pulling through the cancellation ref which is holding up processing. So as soon as you get your email with your cancellation ref phone uo and give it to them!


    Does anyone else think the info they give you when applying is not adequate? As it was expired we assumed it would be a renewal. No where then did it say expired passports should also be submitted as lost. Hope we get the cancellation reference soon then. Beginning to loose hope.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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