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    Just wondering if anyone has applied for a a replacement passport for one that was lost?
    Started my application on 03/04 when wait times were estimated at 3 weeks, since then it’s gone to 10 weeks and I go to Paris on 26/03.

    Hoping someone can provide clarity, or whether I should just ring and order a new one on the fast track service


    Sorry travel 26/05


    I’m currently waiting for a replacement lost passport. Processing since 28/3 I fly out 1/6. Cancellations are taking upto 3 weeks to process atm so I have chosen to wait. I will have to try and upgrade if no joy 2 weeks before I fly.


    Thanks, Didn’t know it was 3 weeks to cancel – think i’ll just hang on and do the same as you

    Such a pain, wait time was 3 weeks when I applied os opted ot not go for fast track, 1 week later and they’ve increased it to 10 weeks

    thanks for your reply 🙂


    @blackhall my experience is that I sent 3 letters signed for to withdraw my app that arrived 21/4. I’ve had a call today from a lovely lady saying she is withdrawing my application as of today. She even call me back to confirm she’d done. I love her and I told her that!
    It’s a risky strategy withdrawing an application apparently and I dithered for 2 weeks before I sent my letters, 3 of them, I was given conflicting advice from all angles. Eventually I decided I needed to take back control of this situation, if it didn’t pay off then it was my fault. I had 7 weeks till holiday when I sent letters and booked a fast track for the 16 may. I fly on the 4/6.
    I’m not advising this route just giving you my experience. I read someone on Facebook who said she’d sent 15 letters and none where opened. It’s a bit of a lottery. Good luck.


    @Hairless, thanks for the update

    When you say sent letters, did you have to write to the passport office rather than ring?


    @blackhall you must write they won’t accept calls. If your going to do it send multiple letters
    Mine included
    My name and address DOB
    My reference PEX
    my lost passport reference L
    Why I was withdrawing
    That I understand I would lose my fee.

    Then signed and date which must be in ink
    I confirmed where my application was held (cos they can be moved about) and sent them guaranteed 1pm next day signed for. I also emailed copies of the letters and proof of delivery.
    I also called and asked them to log I was withdrawing as I had secured a fast track and gave them my booking ref to add to my notes.
    Hope this helps.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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