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    Hi I’ve been monitoring this forum since submitting mine and my sons application. Seeing everyone’s bad experiences and anxieties has really stressed me out also. I’m sorry everyone has gone through this. We are due to fly in a couple of weeks.
    My application is a renewal, reported old expired passport lost, my sons 1st child. Mine has been sitting in processing since 1st march and docs received for my sons on the 22nd signed for on the 7th. Today, they both remain in the same status.
    I have called, cried and sent an online form again last Monday explaining our current situation as we have received some upsetting news, adding to our anxieties.
    Anyway, this morning, I didnt hear my ring doorbell and missed the postman. He pulled a large white envelope out of his bag but as I didn’t hear the ring, and didnt answer, he just left. He never put a card through the door. I never paid extra for tracking, just standard. However, I did pay extra on my sons for return of the documents. Could this be the passports we’ve anxiously been waiting for? Has anyone experienced this before? And do you know if he will try again on Monday? No updates on the tracking and not waiting for any other deliveries. Thanks


    It would surely show online that they have mailed it ? After waiting over 3 weeks for them to even acknowledge they received my old passport I would recommend doing renewal in person if at all possible. As you note it impossible to contact them in any meaningful way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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