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    Thought of sharing my passport story so that it can help others!

    Applied for passport renewal from India through the Visa Application Centre – VFS Global, Bangalore. I could easily communicate with them through their email – They usually reply within 5-6 hours on weekdays! This might help a lot of you.

    4/08/2022 – Money deducted for the Passport

    Contacted HMPO through their online form. Please note: The application number which VFS gives is different from what the HMPO assigns! So you need to give your full name, DOB and address in the form so that they can track it.

    10/08/2022 – Passport application received (which HMPO informed me when I contacted them 4 weeks later)

    14/09/2022 – I request them to send my passport urgently since I need to travel. HMPO informs me “Your application is still awaiting examination at this time” and to apply for an emergency travel document. I refuse because it takes a lot of time here (Due to Govt. holidays) and also we need an exit permit from India in case we need to leave India which will take 2 weeks minimum. Passport application number assigned by HMPO still not obtained

    15/09/2002 – I call up HMPO, England. Get a chance to speak in the first try. However, the call disconnects. I call again, and they tell me the same story as above. No application number given yet.

    9/10/2022 – Wrote to Bangalore, India VFS asking if its arrived. No response. They dont care.

    11/10/2022 – I write once again to HMPO, England. They finally provide me with an application number. They reply – “it is currently waiting to be checked”.

    19/10/2022 – I write once again to the HMPO. Now they reply saying “I can confirm that we received your application at our office and is currently still being looked at”. This is important! This means your application has finally reached the examiner!

    26/10/2022 – I write once again as it is now week 12. They reply back saying my passport was sent for printing on 21/10/2022!!! HURRAH! They said it shall be discpatched shortly. I ask if I can have the tracking DHL Number. They say no because it is to be sent to VFS directly and not to me. Hence, no ways to track it 🙁

    2/11/2022 – Not received my passport yet! Week 13! So I write once again to HMPO, England. They reply saying the passport has reached India on 28th OCTOBER 2022 via DHL! I’m elated and I write to Bangalore, VFS.

    Email ID of VFS is the same you would have written to while taking an appointment. Though it says its an automated response, someone actually does read it and will reply to you. I received an email reply back saying my passport hasn’t come yet and that it has only been printed. I shot out another mail with a copy of the mail sent by HMPO saying it has reached India! No reply

    4/11/2022 – Receive an email (no phone call or sms) from VFS that the passport has arrived. I receive this mail at 4 PM and its a Friday. We can collect passports only from 9 am to 2 pm :(. I request can I come to collect the next day (Saturday). They reply saying they are not open 🙁

    7/11/2022 – FINALLLY I HAVE MY PASSPORT IN MY HANDS! Along with a cup of coffee. I deserved it 🙂

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