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    Hi all, first of all what an amazing website this is.

    It’s a website I wish I never had to discover but this is my story.

    On the 27th April, I applied for three passports, 2 renewals and a new application. The next day ID’s were verified and all documents sent. 1 application went to Liverpool, 1 to Newport and 1 to Belfast.

    My renewal (Liverpool) and my sons first passport (Newport) were both processed quickly and I received them early June.

    My sons renewal that went to Belfast has not updated since the 4th May when it said documents received. For the last 4 weeks I have been chasing, I was told nothing could happen until 2 weeks before travel, this was last Monday the 11th July. On the 11th I had a call via call back and she transferred me to another department, I was told after 2 hours of being on hold that it would be transferred to my local office, Liverpool and it would be moved to priority service. I received an email whilst I was still on the phone and I immediately sent proof of flight. In the email it said I would receive a call within 48hrs, at this point I began to relax.

    You can see where this is going, I never received a call I chased Thursday and Friday and was told the same thing, I would definitely receive a call and the passport before I fly.

    Today I called yet again and got through to somebody who was vaguely helpful who said nothing had happened since the 11th July and that my application was still in Belfast! He then applied for the expedited service but this time I never received a confirmation email.
    So after reading here I phoned the helpline yet again and asked to be put through to the customer service team, the call handler asked his boss twice to do this and twice he said no. He has booked a call back for me.

    I’m really desperate now, we fly on Monday and I don’t know what else to do.

    Can anybody give me some advice?


    Just to close this thread off, here’s how it ended.

    I went to the Liverpool passport office yesterday, I arrived at 8am and joined a queue of about 30 people. I queued outside for 7 and a half hours and got inside at 15:30 and waited for another hour to be seen. I was told my sons passport was being dealt with by Southport office. The lady phoned through to Southport and confirmed it would be dealt with today and to wait for a phone call to collect.

    I got a text this morning to say the passport had been processed and approved. I then left for the Liverpool passport office, this is we’re things got interesting.

    When I got to the front of the queue the lady told me that the passport had been printed in their central printing location and sent for posting! At this point I was broken. She suggested I do a whole new paper application and get new passport photo’s printed. Luckily I had a photo on my phone and went to get it printed. Amazingly they processed this application in two hours and I NOW HAVE THE PASSPORT and we fly on Monday!!!

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