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    I submitted my partner’s lost passport replacement application on April 12th and it has been stucked in probably the purgatory queue or something ever since. We live in the Netherlands and I have called the advice line a few times and they said the application was going to be escalated after I sent an email to the Durham escalation team. I did that and nothing happened. No confirmation, no calls, nothing. The last call I made lasted for 2 hours and then got cut off when I was just about to speak to the management team. 26 euros for no resolution.
    So, still no progress and we are due to travel on August 31st. I know it seems like we still have plenty of time, but I have no trust in this office to deliver before our departure date. The problem is that since my partner has been living outside of the UK, he doesn’t really have an MP I can write to to ask for help.
    Has anyone got any advice on what I should do now besides hoping and waiting? This trip is going to be our engagement party organised by my family back home and a lot of people will be devastated if we have to cancel the trip.

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