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    I made the mistake to not check processing times and sent my only passport (foreign) along my 1st british passport application.

    Documents received 10:14am on 9 June 2022
    Application received 4:21pm on 6 June 2022
    Identity details received 4:20pm on 6 June 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 3:56pm on 6 June 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 3:51pm on 6 June 2022
    Application submitted 3:51pm on 6 June 2022

    We are travelling on the 1st of July and I only realised that I’d submitted my foreing passport with the application.

    I am sure I won’t be able to ‘rush’ or pay for upgrade as this would be my 1st British Passport. However, would it be possible to get my foreign passport back?

    Would getting from London to Bootle (where my application is being processed) be of any help if I could get them to give / return my foreing passport?


    I’ve just called them and they’ve put an urgent note for the call back team. I am supposed to hear from them within 48 hours. Let’s see.


    I made the same mistake sending my son’s foreign passport on 5 May. I assumed it would not be reasonable for them to hold on to supporting documents for 12+ weeks. Sorry to tell you this but I have tried getting them to send back the valid passport early for over 5 weeks now and no luck. It seems there is no system in place and everyone I speak to keeps giving me different advice. I have just requested an upgrde as we fly to see my family in Sweden in 8 days but no idea if it will work. Let me know if you have any luck getting your valid passport back. I would be willing to even drive to Liverpool from Edinburgh if that was a possibility.


    Thanks for your message. Which office is that one you sent your son’s passport to? Bootle?

    I’ve called twice now. Every time they say they’ve put an ‘urgent’ note on my file, they also aknowledge my date of travel (1st of July).

    I believe what is going to happen is me staying behind. Unfortunately. I dont think that even getting into Bootle’s passport office would work.


    1) Are you an EU/EEA citizen;
    2) Do you have Settled Status;
    3) Do you have an ID card?;
    4) Are you travelling only between the UK and the EU/EEA/Schengen?

    If yes to all, update your settled status to be linked to your ID card, and you’ll have no problems. (I did this while HMPO failed to return my EU passport for nine weeks.)

    If no, see if you can get an emergency passport from your home country. Note that doing so will likely cancel your existing passport. I am not sure if this will impact your British passport application if it’s not already approved. I cancelled and replaced my US passport after the application was approved, but before the supporting documents were returned (which took nine weeks after the passport was approved).


    I updated my setlled status with my ID card 5 weeks ago and it hasn’t been updated yet… hopefully when I come back tomorrow to the UK I won’t have any problems 🙂


    Any luck Emmaahl? My flight is in 8 days and it looks like I will need to send my family on their own. I don’t think I have a chance. I’ve called them twice now and they said twice that an urgent note had been put and that the call back team will contact me within 48 hours. I guess it is on priority basis, they would be contacting those travelling sooner.

    Because this is my first british passport I don’t think I can even upgrade nor do anything but wait.

    I should have kept my current passport with me and send an older one. All they care is that names are the same.


    So sorry to hear you haven’t managed to speak to them, I know how stressful it is. This system sucks.

    I have not heard anything other than an automated email from the upgrade team saying they have noted my travel date. No idea if it will work. Have they confirmed you can’t upgrade if it is a first passport?
    In my experience it has taken about 4-5 days to get an urgent call back and they have not been able to do much. Maybe contact your MP and get them to help you get an appointment to collect your valid passport from the office you sent it? I am planning to try this if I don’t get the new passport in time. It is ridiculous that there is no system in place for getting your documents back. I feel like it should be illegal.


    Update: I have just received the new passport for my son. Less then 24 hours before we travel and after getting my mp to contact them twice and travelling to the glasgow office myself twice. The Liverpool upgrade team who were handeling the application said they could not find my son’s Swedish passport, but still they could issue a british one so no idea why they haven’t sent the passport back. Hopefully it isn’t lost.

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