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    We are due to fly on Nov 1st. Applied for passport on 13th Sept, docs received 16th Sept. Booked holiday in married name and just thought well I’ll apply for new passport even though it hadn’t expired! Now wishing I just booked the holiday in my maiden name and applied for passport when we returned! Silly I know! When I applied for my sons first passport it took a week so thought I’d be similar! Now stressing it won’t be here in time. Has anyone had any experience with cancelling the application, getting passport back and just changing names on holiday details?

    Thanks in advance 🙏


    I asked about cancelling an application at the weekend and was told: To cancel you need to apply in writing, wait up to 10 days for that letter to be added to the system, then wait up to a further two weeks for old passport to be returned. They are probably providing worse case time scales but I would imagine your current application approval would beat the old passport being returned. According to Twitter approvals are currently being received for docs received around 7th/8th September.

    It’s stressful isn’t it, I am still waiting for my son’s renewal, struggling to think about anything else!



    My partner submitted a passport renewal form with the PD2 form from the registrars on the 9th September. She used the post office check and send service and has not heard anything. She has had no email confirmation regarding any status and cannot get through on the phone. She tried at 6pm when she gets home. What is the best time to call? Is it worth emailing them?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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