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    I have recently received my new passport. I have noted that the perforated numbers that are at the bottom of each page look charred/discoloured. This starts from page 4 and gets worse throughout the passport. The photo/data page and visa page are absolutely fine. Has anyone else noted this on their new passport? I am flying in 7 weeks and I don’t want my passport to be rejected at the airport. I don’t really want to send my passport back to be checked as the passport office can’t guarantee I will have it back in time for my flight.


    Same on mine – I just assumed it’s a by product of the process to make the holes – it must involve heat, I think it’s a laser – I wouldn’t worry.


    Hi, my husband used his new passport when we arrived in the UK last month and when we got to Heathrow it wouldn’t scan. He ended up having to go to a counter where the staff member said the chips are often dodgy. He banged the passport on the counter and then it worked!

    I wouldn’t worry about the holes, it is the chip that matters.

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