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    I was told yesterday that upgrade team would call me back within 72 hours but that I should really allow 5 days. I’m not prepared to wait so I sent an email to every offices upgrade team.
    This is what I sent, below and my nearest office, Newport replied very quick. No help but I wonder if any of you have also received emails like this and things have begun to happen ? We have 12 days until we travel though so not hopeful as i know there are people who need the service before me.

    Thank you for your email
    Unfortunately, as your application is being dealt with in another office, you will need to liaise them or contact the HMPO Advice line on 0300 222 0000.
    We have forwarded your email to the relevant office.
    Please do not reply to this email as this is not a general enquiry inbox.
    Her Majesty’s Passport Office

    Good morning,
    We are waiting for my daughter’s child renewal passport. And we travel in 12 days.
    I was advised to request the upgrade service if we had less than 14 days until travel. Can I please request this service?
    My nearest passport office is NEWPORT so I am able to go to collect it.

    PEX ********
    Application sent 30/03/2022
    Holiday travel – 30/05/2022
    Applicant – S******i
    D.O.B – 2****
    Address – *****

    Contact number – 07597590*** -parent
    Email address – ****

    Proof of travel – Attached document and copied below.


    Would you be able to share the e-mail address of the Newport office upgrades team please? I have one being processed there, taking a lot longer than the other two applications from Liverpool (which I have already received). Beginning to get a bit worried.
    Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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