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    Alarm bells started to ring when I received an automated email from HMPO saying I needed to send them my old passport or my application would be withdrawn. This was 6 weeks after doing an adult passport renewal via the Post Office Digital Check & Send.

    I have a PEX number and acknowledgement from HMPO that they received my application on 10 June. I also have the Post Office tracking reference number for my old passport which shows that it was signed for by the Peterborough passport office on 13 June.

    I explained this to four different people at HMPO using the 0300 022 0000 number on 26 July and was eventually advised to write to the Peterborough office and that they would also raise this via an internal memo.

    Reading through this very useful forum it appears that the delay to acknowledging receipt of my old passport is excessive to say the least. For all I know it could now be lost, my application withdrawn and I’m left with no time to get a new passport prior to my next trip abroad in early October.

    Should I be seriously concerned? Grateful for any advice.


    Some progress – got ‘Documents Received’ notification today so they’ve finally linked my old passport to my application. That took 8 weeks, must be some kind of record judging by people’s experiences posted on here!

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