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    Hi all, As anyone seen their online tracking go from ‘processing’ back to ‘documents received’ – Son’s passport renewal has been in processing awaiting an examiner since 15th May, online tracking has now moved back to Documents received 12th May, as anyone experienced this please?



    I was just looking if someone else had wrote this mine has done the same today! It was processing from 16th may not gone back a step same as yours.
    I have had to email the upgrade team as we go in 11days, still havent had a call yet but was hoping the step back meant someone was looking at the application!!


    Think the system is down mine is showing the same and online chat is down


    Same here, has been in processing since 16th May and now gone back to documents recived on 3rd May as the latest step.


    Yes thats what mines done, the processing step has disappeared and gone back to 4th may recieved docs


    Same here


    My sons has been processing since 12th April and has also gone back to identity details received stage, processing has completely disappeared


    There must be a glitch as i have called and spoken to someone who said they can see its still processing.
    I go on holiday in 10days. Awaiting a call back from durham upgrade team!


    yes, same here. Applied beginning of my for me and my daughter, my old passport went to Wales, hers to Belfast. Mine came back in a couple of week, hers said ‘being processed’ from 10th May, now that line has disappeared and it says can’t request expiditing it until 10 weeks after receipt. I was told on the phone today I should ring on Monday, 6 weeks after receipt. We are supposed to be going away 2nd July.


    Yes same here. They must have done something to the tracking system.


    Yes, same problem here. Both mine ( went to Liverpool) and son’s ( went to Belfast) back from processing to documents received. Took them over 2 weeks to even acknowledge receipt of my passport despite being sent guaranteed next day delivery! Both applications put in May 2 online


    Mine too. Documents received on 25 April originally, (although signed for on 31 March in Durham). Then a few weeks later got asked for the same documents and some others that don’t exist for my son, born in February in New Caledonia. Went to processing on 25 May, now back to docs received. We are trapped overseas and cannot come home until we have his passport. We applied in February. At our wits end trying to get an answer or any semblance of progress. We haven’t seen our families for over two years due to the pandemic, and now we are trapped because of this unbelievable farce.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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