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    I have been through a few hours and many calls on the phone now with HMPO (or the call centre at least), but to no avail. A bog standard Adult Renewal application from overseas was marked as received on 23rd March, with no further updates over a month later. A few helpful call centre people did indicate that overseas applications are in a separate queue (one mentioned with paper applications). All claim there is no way to get an overseas application upgraded — that seems to be borne out by the information on the HMPO website. I have already had to cancel a trip this week. I have more work travel in 2 weeks and in mid June, which is all important. How 10 weeks has become an acceptable benchmark for a standard passport renewal when colleagues from Europe and North America are getting their passports renewed in a week or two is beyond me.

    I note that overseas applicants also bore the brunt of delays last summer from previous posts here.

    I have tried to get call-backs from the passport office which worked 2 weeks ago but not recently. I have tried emailing various email addresses I found on here, all of which now claim to be inactive or unmonitored. Does anyone have advice on how I might be able to get this unreasonably long queue to be looked at?


    Any update on this?

    I am applying for First Child Passport (Overseas) – Docs were received 12th April – haven’t heard anything yet? Have spoken with them a few times over the phone stating the urgency behind it – they did raise an alert on the application and someone did ring back but on the wrong number and left a voicemail saying to call back on the standard number if I still need assistance – which is disheartening considering there was context behind it and they could’ve left me a direct number with an extension or an email address at least. Anyway rang back and let the adviser know I missed the call so they raised a second alert to which no one had rang back.

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    Sorry, I updated this in the general form, but not on here.

    I eventually received my passport on 7th May.

    My timeline was this:
    Application submitted 19 March 2023
    Application received 19 March 2023
    Documents received 24 March 2023
    Application approved 1 May 2023
    Passport printed 2 May 2023

    So it took a month and a week to get approved. And that was after I eventually chased up through my MP in the UK, after many many calls to the helpline, so hard to know if it would have taken even longer otherwise.

    Another odd thing was I received my old passport 3 days before my new one. So even when I thought I was lucky and would be able to travel on my planned trip, I had to move it back a couple of days. Hope you get some updates soon!


    My wife’s timeline for her first UK passport (Overseas application):

    Passport printed 5:31am on 12 June 2023
    Application approved 2:15pm on 9 June 2023
    Documents received 10:26am on 30 May 2023
    Application received 8:18am on 16 May 2023
    Identity details received 8:17am on 16 May 2023
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 9:46am on 15 May 2023
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 9:26am on 15 May 2023
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 8:28am on 15 May 2023
    Application submitted 8:28am on 15 May 2023


    Currently undergoing an overseas renewal.

    ‘received’ to ‘approved and printed’ – 7 days. (as of this morning)

    just waiting for delivery now..


    Hi, does anyone have a recent time line for the adult renewal passport wait to usa? Thanks




    Hi there

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