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    I submitted my paper application using the Post Office check and send on 4 May. Received a text message to confirm receipt on 13 May.

    I couldn’t do a digital application as the code on my photo wasn’t accepted (total nightmare application!).

    It has been 6 weeks since I sent my application, 4.5 since receiving acknowledgment from passport office. I’ve seen lots of digital applications have been returned within this time.

    Can any paper applicants confirm how long their recent applications have taken?


    Received my passport today DHL Overseas on line Digital Application. Durham Office

    Application Submitted 9:04 am 5th May
    Application received 9:04 am 5th May
    Old Passport signed for Durham 10:36 am 6th May
    Old Passport received 7:26 am 1st June
    Approved 5:36 pm 8th June
    Printed 4:48 am 10th June
    Delivered 2:45 pm 15th June (DHL)

    photo taken by myself (Selfie) with IPhone, was a little concerned this may have failed checks but passed through
    i was just as concerned as most on this forum but found great support from those that contributed.

    absolutely delighted it arrived today and also feel for all those going through the trauma of still waiting to receive theirs, keep phoning and asking for progress and if that that fails turn up at the PO for assistance if your living in the UK, i did not have the option to fast track or turn up in person as I’m living in Europe so had to rely on the system, but fair play to HMPO 5.5 weeks from start to finish

    good luck everyone who needs theirs urgently for visiting sick relatives, Happy Holidays and Business trips

    Top Tip from another @Caz 86 anyone receiving their passports via DHL do download the DHL express App and enter you address otherwise you may not get delivery dates and time. special thanks to @SingaporeDon who’s advice was just brilliant.

    packing my suitcase now….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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