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    Hi all,

    I originally applied for my passport on 16th January 2022 which was all sorted and sent out for delivery. Very annoyingly and completely my fault I sent it to my old address and subsequently was returned to the passport office.

    I have been trying to get them to resend it to me for 2 weeks. Was waiting on a callback from the progress team and when they finally called they put me through to the delivery team which rung out and hung up.

    Called back but they only offered another callback! Feel like I’m stuck in some never ending cycle of nothingness..

    Meant to be flying out on Saturday so very urgent now.

    Anyone got any suggestions of how to get in touch with the right team? Apparently its at the Peterborough passport office so wondering if I should just go and make a nuisance until they find out where it is..?

    Any ideas greatly appreciated


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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