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    I received an email today to say that my sons renewal has been sent for printing. Can anyone tell me what this means and whether I’m on the home stretch now or whether it could still be in a long queue? Paper application was sent 29th May, text to say it was received 01st June.


    Mine was online and was printed and sent on the same day, hopefully this is the same for paper applications?

    It sounds positive. Fingers crossed you get it soon x


    I’ve now been told it was sent for printing 6th June so a month today. Not quite the quick turn around I was hoping for 😔.
    They can’t tell me how long the queue for printing is either. It’s been 5 weeks today since they received it


    Don’t take 4 weeks to print it a day or so at most


    This is what it thought. Was very concerned when they said 6th June. Below is the email they sent..

    I am happy to confirm that your passport was received at our Peterborough office on 01st June 2020. Your passport was sent for printing on 06th June 2020.

    Then I received this one…

    I would just like to confirm that your passport was sent for printing on 06th July 2020

    Your passport will be collected by the courier within 7 days of printing. Where you have provided a mobile number you will receive a text message to advise of delivery which should be made between 24 to 48hrs of receipt.

    Fingers crossed I get that text soon


    so it takes possibly 7 days for their courier (who I understand is TNT) to pick up the passport!? I had mine printed and ‘sent’ yesterday but no info since then… I think there are going to be plenty of missed Summer holidays this year due to the backlogs

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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