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    So I’m currently waiting for my daughter’s renewal which is at Belfast, hopefully info below might help with expectations for callbacks etc. My timeline below:
    Application submitted 26th April (7 weeks ago)
    Docs delivered 29th April
    Docs received 4th May (6 weeks ago)
    Application processing 5th May (although this has now disappeared and I’m now sitting at docs received again)
    Due to fly on 7th July

    In an effort to find out why the wait for a straightforward renewal I called the general info line on Friday. Got through straight away. request placed for Progress Team callback. Chased this up on Tuesday as no call back. Another request placed. Callback at 4pm. I had to wait about 10 – 15 minutes to be answered on general info line.

    Progress team member nice and informative but ultimately I’m no further forward. What I found out:
    My daughters passport is down on their system as an expected ETA with me of 25th July, 13 weeks after application placed and 12 weeks after marked as documents received.It ‘could’ be here sooner though. Agent also mentioned something about the fact they are Batch Processed. Not sure whether this is for approval or for printing. Hopefully Upgrade service will prove fruitful in a week’s time!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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