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    Is anyone else having issues with the progress team not calling back? I’ve called so many times over the past few weeks and keep being told that I will get a call back within 72 hours from the progress team but no one is calling back.

    I applied for an adult renewal and two children’s renewals, I sent marriage certificate with mine to update my name, my passport was processed and I received it a few weeks ago. One child is awaiting my marriage certificate and I keep asking them to link the applications but seems only progress team can do that and they don’t call back, at this rate I’ll have the marriage certificate back before they get round to linking it. My other child’s application just isn’t moving, I am still waiting for them to scan his old passport and it has been 4 weeks, they just keep telling me I need to leave it until 10 weeks before they’ll consider they may have lost his passport (it was signed for so I know they received it). Feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. Can’t escalate anything as the customer service management team don’t pick up and it disconnects the line saying to call back another time.

    Has anyone had any success or know where to go from here please? We don’t go away until end of August so I’m not in a rush to get the passports processed, I allowed enough time, if they just sorted those bits so they were in a processing state, I could relax and leave it lol.



    They did loose my husbands old passport. It was signed for but never updated to documents received. I went round and round in circles asking for call backs etc. I had emails threatening to cancel his application if I don’t send his old passport, that they signed for in their offices at the start of May.

    I got the MP involved, logged complaints, sent emails etc.

    Eventually I got a call back from Newport confirming that they had sent his documents from Newport to Liverpool and they’d been lost internally. They cancelled his old passport as lost and then his application was approved within an hour of his old one being cancelled.

    Neil G

    Hi any suggestions please let me know:

    My sons passport renewal went in on 4th May was updated on 15th with identity details received.

    It’s been there ever since then we try calling but the automated line said wait until July 1st we have tried everyday since then same message wait 10 weeks it’s 9 weeks today. we need to get visa application sorted by 15th otherwise it’s going to be cancel our holiday.

    tried emailing all I get back is call the same number and request an upgrade which is the same automated number with same response.

    They confirmed application received on 4th May, and also said all applications are dealt with in the 10 week service we used (next Wednesday is 10 weeks) if they approve it next Wednesday how long to have it in our hands, it’s not easy to arrange pick up as for what ever reason it’s gone to Durham office we are in Dorset why it never went to London or Newport I don’t know.

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