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    Complained on webchat today as I didn’t understand how my application is still sat in processing after 8 weeks, yet some people applying later are getting their passport sooner.

    The response I got:

    “All applications are processed separately. As per the gov.uk website you need to allow 10 weeks for processing. HPMO do not guarantee applications are done in date order and we do not have a guaranteed turn around time (these are just advisory)”

    So, basically confirmed they are processing applications at random and not those that where submitted first!!!!


    To add…. The “10 week” timeframe was also confirmed as starting once an application lives into processing, not from when the application was first submitted!!!


    Thanks for confirming this. Please let us know if your application suddenly progresses now that you have discussed it with them on webchat


    Chance been on webchat you may get a result. Still urge you to contact MP. Got mine today. Really believe webchat and MP urged along.


    But not all applications go into ‘processing’ on the timeline, so I’m not sure how that can be the starting point for the 10 weeks.

    Also, HMPO tweeted this: “Linking your documents to your passport application will take longer during busy periods. Don’t worry, this does not affect our advice to allow up to ten weeks to get your passport.”


    Also in processing since April 6th. Been on webchat and phone numerous times over last few weeks and still no progress. Been told ‘no rhyme or reason’ as to who is examined and who is left waiting. Feel there is a huge pile from March just left to one side

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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