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    Been reading these forums for the last few weeks now and I’m panicking after apparently it’s been on the news about major delays.

    So the process of my new passport application so far has been:

    Application being processed 12:20pm on 13 April 2022
    Identity details received 7:40pm on 5 April 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 7:23pm on 5 April 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 11:01pm on 4 April 2022
    Application submitted 11:01pm on 4 April 2022

    I had received a call on the 15th April (48 hours after my application had been updated to processing) to confirm that my passport was needing to be cancelled. The lady on the phone was great and cancelled my passport for me and I’ve now got a reference number to prove that it has been cancelled. She said it shouldn’t cause any issues – such as delaying my passport. I currently have put request in to find out which office my application has been sent to. I’m trying to get through on the phone but I get so far, get put in a queue then after a minute or two they say that they are unable to accept my call . I don’t travel until 6th June but I’m panicking that my passport being cancelled will have delayed my application even though it’s been confirmed its been cancelled and I have the reference number? If I try and send the reference number through could this speed things up for me?

    Thank you!


    Get your reference number in ASAP as it will not progress without it


    @max1978 how do I do that?



    I’ve had the same issue as you – with pretty much the same timeline (i’ve been proccesed form 08/04, started my application on 03/04 and travel 26/05)

    I spoke to someone today, it cu tout after about 5 minutes but the woman was really nice and helpful – they have fast track option that you can use, but only from 2 weeks before you travel.

    I used the number 0300 123 1973, I’d advise this number as they are helpful, just be warned that you will be on hold for around 1-2 hours.

    If you stress to them that you’re concerned and, like me, you applied when the wait time was 3 weeks, they will put a note on your application so it gets processed quicker

    I can’t say whether or not this is certain to work, but it does help to relax you a little bit

    I’m going to ring back later on so will keep you updated as to how I get on

    I think the number above will also help attach the reference number (i’ve not done this yet myself as I didn’t know I had to)


    @blackhall96 thank you so much for this! I will definitely try that number first thing tomorrow!


    I’m also waiting for a replacement lost passport. The hold up was the cancellation I did last year not being processed properly. I have now submitted the ref today and was told that it should go to examiner withing 3 days. I fly 1st June and has born processing since 28/3. Had they have informed me they were waiting on this I would have re done the cancellation earlier. Now its just a waiting game until 18th May where I can try and upgrade.


    @beckyp15 can you let us know how you get on please?
    Just wondering if it will get done in the 3 day turnaround that they’ve mentioned

    Tried ringing again last night and this morning both cut off after an hour and a half, really frustrating


    Hello Team,

    In the same boat, applied 25th March and have been stuck in processing ever since.

    Found out yesterday when I finally managed to get through to ask for an application update, the cancellation reference number hadn’t pulled though so the application has just been sitting there gathering dust! Their system clearly isn’t working in any shape or form.

    Their upgrade fast track 2 weeks prior is a lottery and not guaranteed so if you are able to change your plans if the stress and anxiety are too much, this may be an option. We have until tomorrow for our application to be approved. We travel in just over two weeks so if this doesn’t happen then we’re either going to have to take a gamble hoping we receive an upgrade during the special two week window or pay thousands to change our holiday before it is ticketed on Saturday. The cost of the holiday is telling me the gamble isn’t worth the potential loss of money and my sanity…I will never listen to government advice again after telling us it’s a 3-4 week timeline when applying (hence our standard application) only for them to move the goal posts afterwards!!!

    Good luck everyone!


    I have so emailed my local MP who is also chasing this application for me, they have direct access to hmpo so if you can definitely email them. I was told my 2 people that my application had not yet been picked up by an examiner but they were going to put a chase on it as i am flying out for a wedding.


    My flight is in 2 weeks time i have just been in touch with the upgrade team saying they will reach out as soon as they can. The lady on the phone mentioned even with the fast track service there is no guarantee that the passport will be ready in 2 weeks time as they are very stretched

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