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    Hi, Just wondering at what stage does your passport get moved onto processing i applied 29th June posted documents on the 30th documents finally acknowleged receipt of the documets 10th July however no progress after this stage.


    I applied for two adult passport renewals and 1 child renewal. All submitted on 29 June. Documents were signed for on 1st July but not logged until 10th. No action taken since then.

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    Any idea of how long a renewal passport will take. I was given a link from HM Passport Office CIA email, due to my situation being urgent. Just wondered if anyone else on here was granted that link? And how long it took for the application to be processed.



    I don’t have that link if you get send it to me I would appreciate it.
    I applied on 16 May and they received my documents on 1 June. It’s an absolute joke.
    There is no logic to how long passports are taking seems to be random so you may be lucky.


    This is my timeline for my child’s first passport from Peterborough received today 16/07. It should have been delivered on Monday but TNT only text on the day to say it would be arriving and we were out.

    Passport printed and sent 10:13pm on 8 July 2020
    Application approved 10:21am on 8 July 2020
    *Sent a DM on Twitter to chase 06/07
    Application being processed 11:52am on 12 June 2020
    Documents received 1:05pm on 8 June 2020
    Application received 10:51am on 2 June 2020
    Identity details received 10:50am on 2 June 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 10:06am on 2 June 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 5:31pm on 31 May 2020
    Application submitted 5:31pm on 31 May 2020


    Passport printed and sent 5:12pm on 31 July 2020
    Application approved 3:09pm on 30 July 2020
    Documents received 3:09pm on 30 July 2020
    Application received 3:38pm on 24 July 2020
    Application submitted 3:37pm on 24 July 2020


    Wow that was so fast ! Petr

    Did yours process at Belfast?

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    @ruby5 no it was Glasgow


    Hi here is my timeline for an adult renewal.

    Application approved 12:38pm on 10 August 2020
    New photo received 12:10pm on 10 August 2020
    Photo rejected 11:34am on 10 August 2020
    Documents received 12:24pm on 6 August 2020
    Application received 6:43pm on 3 August 2020
    Application submitted 6:43pm on 3 August 2020

    Hoping my passport gets printed in the next few days !

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