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    Hi all

    I sent my passport application online on the 9th of November renewal of my daughters passport, 16th Nov received docs. Today the 30th they have requested birth certificate. Does anyone know or have had experience timescale after requesting supporting documents? We are travelling on the 3rd of Jan and starting to worry.

    Do we have to wait another 2 weeks after receipt to pick them up?


    Percyhood,We have been asked for an additional document as well.what were your timelines from sending new docs,to them accepting and it being processed?


    Don’t know if this helps. When I rang the passport office this morning, I asked about this, and they said once you send them in, they get uploaded guessing normal time to be put on the system, and then the examiner will look at them and as long as all is okay will then approve it. The application doesn’t go back to the bottom of the pile, so from what bloke was saying on the phone, once you send them in and it’s been acknowledged it’s a fairly quick process

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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