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    Can anyone please tell me how long does the HMPO takes to return your original documents after receiving your new passports. I received my passports 2 weeks ago and there is no sign of my official documents (my naturalisation certificate and my passport from my original country). I try to track on TNT using the same PEX number, but nothing new show up apart from the tracking of the new passport which, i already received.

    Can anyone here shed some lights of how long do i need to wait or how can i contact regarding this matter. Thank you in advance.


    I am in week NINE (after receiving my British passport) of waiting for my other two passports and naturalisation certificate. Nothing including getting my MP involved has resulted in any action other than hapless centralised call centre reps calling me back to tell me that they can’t tell me anything.

    I’m beyond furious. I’ve already replaced one of the two foreign passports due to essential work travel, and I may end up replacing the other v trying to deal with the brick wall that is HMPO.

    If anyone has gotten any actual help, I would love to learn your tricks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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