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    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this…

    I have applied for two Children’s renewals. I had to send the old passports back for both.

    My daughter’s application has gone to Durham, the old passport was delivered and signed for by Royal Mail the next day and scanned into the passport office’s system about 9 working days later, so about in line with other people’s experiences.

    My Son’s went to Peterborough. After over two weeks still no Royal Mail signature, and not yet scanned into the Passport office system. I have checked with Royal Mail twice and they have told me that they are certain it’s there (no idea how they would know this) and that this is common with the passport office for some documents not to be signed for / scanned due to the volume they receive.

    I checked with the passport office yesterday and they said that this is very unlikely and that I can report it lost after 11 working days (which is today). I am not due to travel until 27th May, so I do have a bit of time to wait, but I am reluctant to cancel the passport until I am 100% sure as I assume that this will extend the whole processing time.

    Has anyone else had the problem with Royal Mail not showing delivered when it’s actually there? I just don’t know who to believe!


    Having the same issue now with mine, sent with royal mail tracked guaranteed before 1pm, should have been there on Monday but still showing as out for delivery now and no update on the passport tracking, worried its been lost.


    The passport tracking system is beyond slow. It really can take up to 3 weeks for the passport office to acknowledge receipt of old documents.

    sboulds – in total my standard adult passport renewal took 9 weeks at a time HMPO was quoting an average of 3 weeks. Initially my passport was sent to Liverpool and then transferred to Peterborough. Though many applied after me and received theirs before me. You can get a FastTrack appointment if you register the passport at lost but I don’t have any experience with that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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