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    So, my predicament is:
    3 weeks ago, I submitted a child renewal. 14 weeks before we were due to fly. I sent the old passport, via recorded delivery with Royal Mail. Their tracking does not show it has been delivered. Royal mail explained that, due to the amount of mail going to government offices at the moment, tracked post isn’t always being scanned/signed for on delivery.

    1 week ago, I contacted the passport office to enquire what I should do. They suggested I waited one more week, as it was taking between 14-21 *working* days to scan old passports onto the system. One week has now passed, (19 working days in total) and I have tried to get in touch. The main number was answered fairly quickly, within 15 mins. She then transferred me to another department. I had to hang up after waiting on hold for an hour, as I had to go to a meeting.

    Has anyone else had this happen? I don’t know what I should do at this point? Report the old passport as lost? And then start a new application? How would I cancel my current application? The problem is, it’s getting scarily close to the 10 week mark now, so what happens then?! Presumably, if I go down this route, and it’s delayed, I won’t be given any option to escalate within two weeks of our holiday, because I applied too late? Maybe I should attempt a fast track application? Has anyone successfully booked a fast track appointment?


    I’m sorry you’re going through this. I would ring again and insist nicely you go through to progress team. Bang on 8am. Option 8 then 3
    I wouldn’t suggest fast track as you need a passport to attend.
    Good luck


    Also email your MP. I did on Saturday and he got in touch with passport office this morning. Nothing achieved in my case but yours is different.


    @holidayhopefully99 which passport office did you post it to. If Bootle or Liverpool the two sets I recently posted off were opened quicker than 19 working days between receipt and posting.

    To Liverpool Royal Mail never updated with a signature. It still shows even now on their website as they wil attempt delivery today (has shown that since 21 April). Passport office did receive it though and I have received the renewal passport now too.

    To Bootle they did deliver with a signature on 5th May and passport office confirmed received today.

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