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    My passport had been expired for 2 years and 3 months when I applied for first adult passport and I needed one because I needed it to apply for provisional license and to apply for other things and I need a valid passport in general never know for emergency reasons

    I thought it will take 10 weeks or even longer I wouldn’t be prepared for months and months and months of wait but luckily the service was extremely quick timeline down below

    Application sent: 2nd August 4 30pm

    Application received: 2nd August 4 32pm

    Documents sent: 4th August 3 55pm with special guaranteed delivery which cost nearly £7

    Documents arrived 5th August at PO Box around 9 30am this is what Royal Mail tracking stated

    Documents received: 5th August 2 31pm this is what the Government website stated

    Bear in mind that 5th August is a Friday and that weekend is up ahead I don’t know if weekend affects passport services but anyway

    Passport approved: 17 Aug around 1 20pm

    Passport printed: 18 Aug around 6am

    Tracking details for passport sent on text around 7 05 am

    Passport arrived: 19 Aug around 10 30am

    The whole process took just 17 days and even then 15 days because I sent it later than I should have

    The passport was approved in just 12 days including 4 days of weekend

    Then they printed the passport within 17 hrs and delivered it within 30hrs

    This was the Bootle PO

    I think the service has now sped up for applicants who apply in August onwards


    Awesome to hear! We’re at 6 weeks for lost passport applied 5 2 weeks till travel with having family medical treatment in the states. Asked for expidated..48 hours ago sent in all travel proof and surgery proof…need ESTA to get in the States they need 72 hours to approve.. glad it was smooth for you. Hoping we get good news soon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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