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Status of Paper Application – Cancel holiday???

Status of Paper Application – Cancel holiday???

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    Hey helpful folks!

    Does anyone know the stages of processing for a paper application/lost passport? I just called the helpline and got an automated response along the lines of “we now have all the information we need and will contact you if we need anything else”. A few of weeks ago it was something like “we’ve received your application and will ket you know if we need any additional information”.

    My passport was lost (and reported/cancelled) just as COVID hit and, what with Brexit dramas and other priorities, I only applied for a replacement on 6th April (12 weeks ago, paper application via Post Office Check and Send).

    It was sent with my children’s first passport applications, and those were shipped to us on 9th June (nearly 3 weeks ago).

    I’ve just no idea what’s next and whether to cancel our holiday or not (Eurostar, 22nd July).



    I applied online so I’m not familiar with paper applications, but I have done a quick internet search. I did apply for a lost passport though and I can say that they are not processing lost applications until they reach 2 weeks before travel and are upgraded.

    Have you completed the form on the .gov website to check its progress?

    Don’t click any of the relevant options on the customer service number for the passport office. Instead Press option 8 and then option 3 to speak to a human being. They cannot do much but be very polite and firm. Explain it is urgent. At this stage ask them to confirm whether your application has been received and ask which office is processing your application.

    15 days before you fly (6th July in your case) call the same number and advise you were told to upgrade your application because it is 2 weeks before travel and tell them how many weeks ago you applied (they should send a message to the office where your application is processing). Once you have done this the following day – 14 days before travel (7th July) email the passport office upgrade email address for where your application is being processed. The email should include an attached PDF of your travel document and the below information:

    Subject line of email should be: URGENT UPGRADE: Flight DD/MM/YYYY

    Full Name:
    Contact Number:
    Email address:
    Reference Number:
    Date of Travel and Proof of Flight (actual PDF not a screenshot):
    Last day able to collect passport:

    Mine was at Peterborough so the email was: PeterboroughUpgradeTeam@hmpo.gov.uk
    NOTE: the email addresses are case sensitive so copy the above format, you should receive an automated response.

    That’s the best advise i can give. I did this with my own application (applied 29th April – Fly 12th July) was in submitted stage up until i emailed the upgrade team on 28th June – was approved 2.5 hours later, printed on 29th June and then deliver this afternoon (30th June) at 12:30pm.

    Sorry for the novel i’ve written but i hope this helps!!!

    Good luck!




    First thing to check: did you cancel your lost passport? If yes, you will receive an L number reference that then you put in your application. I did this online though so I have no idea how to attach your L reference on a paper application.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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