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    Hi everyone,

    We had our passports stolen and applied for 2 new passports on Thursday 5th May. I’m not sure if it makes a difference but we said our passports were stolen and gave a crime number etc

    Currently we’re in the confirming identity stage (our countersignatories have submitted the form and we’re waiting on this being checked)

    My question is what are the steps that we expect to see on the tracker?

    From what I gather from the threads of the application goes to ‘application processing’ it’s dropped off the digital system and has to be seen manually, which takes longer

    Has anyone who’s submitted a stolen/lost passport application NOT gone through this process?

    We go on holiday in June and are just praying they arrive in time 🥲

    Thank you,


    Hi Jennifer,

    I am not sure whether this will help you or not. However, you are further along in the process than I.

    I made my application for a lost passport renewal online on 29th April and my tracker only shows ‘Application Submitted’ and ‘Identity Details Received’.

    My understanding is that the process is different whether you made your application online or using the paper form. Did you cancel the stolen passports before applying for replacements? If so was this online or using a paper form?

    I have done some digging online in trying to figure out if there is something wrong with my own application and found two process guidance documents aimed at staff (these tell the staff what to do).

    Cancelling British Passports:

    – Scroll down and open the document named ‘Cancelling British passports’ – contents page is helpful

    Lost, stolen and recovered passports: examiner guidance:

    – Scroll down and open the document named ‘How to replace lost, stolen and recovered passports’ – Page 11 states how they examine the applications

    From what I have gathered so far, you need to cancel your stolen passports FIRST and receive a reference number that usually begins with ‘L’. This is then associated with the renewal/replacement application. I called and provided the reference number to an advisor over the phone today after reading a forum post where an application was just sat pending because of this.

    I hope this was helpful 🙂 and fingers crossed!

    Best wishes,



    Hi Rosina – thank you for your reply!

    Unfortunately we’re also stuck on ‘identity details received’ and have been since the 5th May.

    We cancelled the passports and reported them as stolen online, and then we submitted the new applications online as well.

    I’m just getting nervous as from what I’ve gathered people have moved on to ‘application processing’ within 5 days or so.

    It’s outrageous that the application can get stuck but they just don’t tell you! I’ll try and get in touch tomorrow to double check everything is going ok,

    Thank you for your time!


    I did a lost passport application and have been stuck at Application Processing since the 31st of March. Heard nothing.


    I reported my passport lost and applied for a new one on 9th April (both of these things were done online). The status changed to “application is being processed” on 21st April where it has remained ever since.


    That doesn’t give me much hope as I’m still on ‘identity details received’

    I guess it’s going to come down to going to the passport office and begging a few day before we’re due to fly


    Hi. Get your MP involved and try webchat. Mine has now been approved. Was damaged so same queue as lost/ stolen which is manual processing rather than digital


    Renewing a lost passport and it’s been 8.5 weeks now.

    Reported lost / applied – March 23

    Application in processing – March 31

    Old passport cancelled and L ref provided – April 09

    Been stuck waiting ever since and whenever I call I get told I need to either wait until the 10 weeks Have passed, or 2 weeks before our flight we can pay to upgrade (you need to show proof of booked flights)

    We fly in 4 weeks so hoping things are sorted soon!


    Davbell1187. I’m sure it will be. Things seem to be moving forward now. On another forum and apparently if you have been 10 weeks upgrade is free. Have you tried chatline? They seem to have more power than phoneline



    It’s the strangest thing that we have gone through the exact same scenario and find ourselves here with the exact same username!

    My husband and I also had our passports stolen, although this was on holiday and we have another trip planned that departs on 2 June. I have no idea if we will get a call back for an upgrade. It sounds like others are waiting until 48 hours before departure before they are called to collect their passports.

    Have you had any luck since?


    I think from the looks of it the 2 week upgrade is the only way anyone is getting their passports!

    We were stuck on identity details received for just over 2 weeks but on Wednesday I rang up and gave both of our lost/stolen reference numbers and then on the Friday both of our applications moved to application processing

    I don’t have much hope for things happening naturally however I did see that after someone had applied for their 2 week upgrade, they went to their local passport office (Durham) 5 days before they were due to fly and they actually managed to get their passport sorted the same day to be collected the next working day

    I hope you managed to get sorted!!

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