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    As the title says I’m starting to get a bit anxious about a renewal. My application was received on March 10th, I sent my old passport the following day and it wasn’t marked as received at the Hemel Hempstead office until March 23rd. I’m reading a lot of posts in various places and it seems some peoples are being marked as received much quicker than this. Does anyone have any idea of the general waiting between this and receiving their passport?


    I submitted mine on 23/2/22….took a week (until 1/3/22) to acknowledge receipt and then nothing since. I know they are saying it could take up to 10 weeks, but that wasn’t the waiting time when I signed up. I switched to fast track yesterday after spotting a cancellation appointment and now am on tenterhooks to see if they will accept my withdrawal of my original application and process this on time for Friday. if I had my time again – I would opt for fast track – an incredibly huge markup on the cost but worth it when I consider the stress this has caused and the money I will lose if it doesn’t arrive on time


    I submitted my application on 3rd February and sent my passport to HMPO on 4th February. Still waiting to receive my passport. It is currently still processing.

    I am a lot stressed as not having my passport is holding up an application for a visa to work abroad next year and holding up a criminal background check required for the visa.


    We sent 3 applications 30/1/2022
    Mine came back in 2 weeks , my oldests took 4 weeks. But we are still waiting for my youngests. It has been processing since 21st Feb, We got a letter on the 12th saying had to send more documents, that were signed for on Monday. But still no change saying they have them or they’ve been approved we flying in 4.5 weeks!! STRESSSING!!


    Definately stressful!! So weird and frustrating that people have different experiences even in the same family! I’ve had friends renew their kid’s passports submitted after me and passport delivered before we were even approved!!

    We just received notification of my son’s passport printed today after submitting application 17th Feb.
    HMPO requested we send in his birth certificate on 7th March even though it was just for a renewal and that delayed everything. HMPO signed for the birth certificate on the 8th March (seen on Royal Mail website).
    We never received notification that they received the birth certificate on the tracker. I rang twice chasing the application and finally it was approved on 25th March. Still need it delivered before we leave first thing 8th April. Final hurdle, down to the wire.

    Here is my timeline:

    Passport printed 11:43am on 30 March 2022
    Application approved 3:06pm on 25 March 2022
    Documents [old passport] received 2:36pm on 1 March 2022
    Application received 6:42pm on 17 February 2022
    Identity details received 6:42pm on 17 February 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 5:45pm on 17 February 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 3:09pm on 17 February 2022
    Application submitted 3:09pm on 17 February 2022


    Glad you’ve had it approved! We are still waiting her additional documents we’re received Monday but still doesn’t say this on her application.
    We fly 4 weeks tomorrow. Wish I had paid fast track now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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