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    Does anyone know the process of getting your supporting documents get returned to you?

    I live in South Africa, I received my child’s passport on (12April) and now I’m awaiting the return of my supporting documents to arrive before we leave for holiday (hopefully) on the 26th of April.

    The documents have apparently left the passport office. What company does the HMPO use to courier the documents, is it TNT then DHL? or DHL straight or another company?

    Does the package receive a tracking number? Has anyone had any luck tracking their documents?


    [Edited: Sorry, I just saw that you live in South Africa. The process is probably different for you, so the below information may not be relevant.]

    If you paid extra for secure delivery, you can use the same tracking number on the TNT web site. Another consignment will show up under the same number.

    I received my British passport on 30th March (printed on 24th March) and am still waiting for the return of my two foreign passports + naturalisation certificate. Truly at my wit’s end with the lack of accountability.

    I’ve already had to cancel one of the foreign passports to get an emergency travel document, and will probably end up replacing the second one, too.

    HMPO seems to be spending money on outsourced call centre agents who just read from a script and can’t actually help, instead of spending money on people who can physically retrieve and mail documents.

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    I too am awaiting two foreign passports and my naturalisation certificate. I’ve received my British Passport (sent on 3th May) after my application on 26th March. I paid the extra for secure delivery and the lady I called (actually ended up with the same lady twice somehow) has said that my supporting documents were sent on the 30th April – but yet no tracking number?

    I tried to use my PEX number on the TNT website (10 digits) but it says to me “You’ve entered an invalid shipment number. A TNT shipment number has eight or nine digits.” – did you have to remove a number for it to work? On the customer reference number it says “We didn’t find any matches for customer reference”.

    I am so upset that they seem to care so little about our passports.

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    I must have spoken to 8 different people last week, in the effort to somehow expedite the supporting documents being returned. Each person had a different story – some said they had already been sent, some said they haven’t been sent and some said they had no idea where they are.

    Its quite concerning how they don’t have a tracking number. With such ‘valuable’ documents its quite surprising to not track them despite paying. I have also inputted my PEX number and got nowhere.

    Its all a bit of a balls-up.


    Absolutely disgusting isn’t it? I feel as though it should be quite obvious they should not be requesting original documents which are obviously quite sensitive and important to us and then taking no care whatsoever. I also emailed TNT and they have nothing under my name. My British passport was delivered by DHL.

    How long ago did you receive your British?


    Does anyone know how long it takes when resubmitting a new photo for the application to be looked at again thanks

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