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    Application Approved 17 March 09.24 – that’s the last update I’ve received. I’ve been on the phone 3+ times and even sent withdraw letter requesting my documents at start of March. Really panicking documents won’t be back in time for holiday at start of April, one person telling me application printed one saying hasn’t been printed. Heard all the comments about TNT and stressed. Holiday booked with Irish Passport. They won’t release documents until printed 😡


    Things are getting stressful. Application for a child passport renewal submitted 17th Feb. I had imagined our application would be straightforward but on the 7th March I received a request for my son’s birth certificate. I sent it out the same day with next day delivery and HMPO signed for it on the 8th. I still haven’t heard anything. Our application tracker is stuck on old passport received 1st March. I rang HMPO on 21st March and they said to keep waiting. We still haven’t had approval of our application let alone entered into the TNT delivery debarcle (Which I had no idea about!). Time is running out for our Easter trip.

    Why would they need his birth certificate for a renewal!? Our family have the same surname and I checked the details before submitting. I hate not knowing what is happening.


    Feeling your pain bbm.

    Submitted 16th Feb, stuck on processing since 24th Feb, I’ve a feeling I’m going to be asked for birth cert which will cause more delay, due to go away 8th April.


    When I called the first time to investigate they asked whether I have parental responsibility (his mother)! I guess the birth certificate request was to confirm this. So annoyed that this is being delayed by some ridiculous additional requests confirming my parental responsibility, even though this is a simple renewal with no issues before and no change in circumstances. Feels like stalling tactics! Hope you have better luck! We are due to depart on 8th too. Fingers crossed.

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    I’m super stressed too! I applied 14th Feb and mines been processing since 24th Feb with no further update.. mines at Durham. Fingers crossed


    Morning, my sons passport was approved on 17th March and printed 22nd March, no further update from HMPO and have been checking TNT tracking regularly. Rang tnt this morning and they are saying it hasn’t been released by HMPO yet and I should get a further notification with a tnt ref number. But reading others experiences on this forum the problem is with tnt. Going by other commenters timelines it’s 9-10 days from time printed. I’m actually not in any big hurry passport just need the supporting documents back for travel next week !!


    So can’t believe how stressful getting a renewal is.

    I have done renewals before and never had an issue or them asking for more information. I hope this makes sense.

    I did an online application on 7th March for my two kids. Both renewals. Today one of them got approved. The other one they asked for further documentation which is my marriage certificate. Both applications have the same information. My passport is in my maiden name and I have always done paper applications. This time I did online application but I put down my maiden name not my married name. there was no section for further information so I could not state that my passport is in my maiden name. Which is allowed. Usually on the paper form I put my Married name and under section 8 I put my passport is in my maiden name. But they have both names on record. It was just confusing which name to put so I put the official passport one down for these applications. Also there was no section for more information which was really frustrating.

    So I have sent them my marriage certificate today and birth certificate just in case they ask for that further down the line. Firstly I don’t understand why they want my marriage certificate as I haven’t changed my name and second how long does it take to get a passport approved after sending them more documents. My first documents took over 12 days to be received. These were sent to glasgow but now they are asking for them to be sent to Liverpool. I also don’t understand why one child was approved and not the other with the exact same information.

    We are going away in May but it doesn’t look like I will get the passport on time if it takes 10 weeks from receiving documents.

    Anyone able to shed a light?

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