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    Applying for first UK passport from Canada (through British parent).

    Just got notice that they’ve received my supporting documents. However now I’m thinking I may have misread what was needed. They asked for:

    Applicant’s documents

    Send the following:

    full birth (civil and hospital) or adoption certificate showing both the child’s and parents’ details

    the passport used to enter the country from which you are applying (if this applies)

    full colour copy (every page including blank pages) of any current or expired passports from other countries that haven’t been cancelled

    For 1 of your parents, send 1 of the following:

    full birth or adoption certificate (showing both the child’s and parents’ details)
    naturalisation or registration certificate

    What I sent:

    – my original long form birth certificate (with parents’ info)
    – my mother’s original birth certificate (with parents’ info)
    – my original Canadian passport

    I did not send photocopies of every page of my passport. I read that line as “any OTHER countries” (ie besides the one that I’m applying from, since I’m already sending the original document). But am now thinking I was supposed to send photocopies as well. Not sure why that would be necessary since they have the original, but anyways. Hoping I’m wrong but now thinking I’ve misread.

    Any help/info appreciated!

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    I have two daughters with dual Nationality. Three years ago the younger one had her British Passport stolen so we had to send her Emergency UK passport which had been issued to her and photocopies of all the pages from the other passport. I started photocopying the pages of the other passport but soon stopped as it had 50 pages and was taking ages ! I called them and they said I could send the actual passport instead of all those photocopies.

    My older daughter is now renewing her passport from Canada so has sent both her UK and Thai passports. I am also renewing mine as it is damaged. I only have British Nationality so have just sent my passport. If they have your passport they wont need photocopies too.

    Hope this helps !

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    It does, thank you! Logically it makes sense that they wouldn’t need photocopies if they have the original, so this is reassuring.


    You’re very welcome. It looks like they are quite quick at the moment. Mine is only a renewal but I only submitted it online on 7th January which was a Saturday but was told on Friday 20th that it’s been approved, printed and on its way to me. My daughtein Canada who submitted hers the day before me is still only showing a status of “ documents received” though. Hers is her first adult though. I guess yours will be a bit longer too but at least getting mine so soon shows they are moving quite quickly so fingers crossed for you.


    In case anyone is looking for the answer to this, my application was approved. So the photocopies were not necessary.

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